May 252010

“Over-preparation is the foe of inspiration.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret to success.” – Henry Ford

Preparing for my upcoming trip abroad, I’ve tried to strike a balance between the two viewpoints above. Really, I have. Taking Henry Ford’s philosophy to heart, I’ve read plenty of travel books about Europe to prepare myself for specifics like visa laws and travel finance. But I’ve also followed Mr. Bonaparte’s uncharacteristically idealistic advice and avoided setting a solid trip itinerary of any kind.

Which means the only real plans I’ll have when I land in Ireland in three weeks will be where I’m sleeping for the first seven nights: on some guy’s couch in downtown Dublin. I’ve never met him in person, but made arrangements through the nonprofit traveler’s organization Cool and scary, and a little dumb. Napoleon would be proud.

But there is one thing I’m not at all ready for, as much as I would like to be. I know that leaving behind so many people I care about, some of whom I know I’m unlikely to ever see again, will be the most difficult part of this experience. If Henry Ford ever figured out a way to prepare for that, I’d like to know how.

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  1. I love the quotes! oh and just so you know, I plan on reading your blog. So now you know someone is watching. I LOVE YOU KYLE! Even though you tried to break my legs like three times. -LFCN

  2. I agree.. love the quotes! I can’t wait to hear and see about all the cool experiences you will be facing on the buses, on bikes, on foot and especially on the couches. 😉 I plan on living this out with ya… so make it good! Miss ya already Kyle. You’re the absolute best. And thank you for not ever trying to break my legs. – SK

  3. KJB! You’re a leg-breaker on the soccer field, eh? Well, I’m willing to share that title! I also go by, “the Executioner,” if you’re interested in that one, too:) KJB – you are one of those uncommon people that is very hard to forget and so easy to hang with. I’ve always admired your incredible personality and intelligence… that’s why I know you will have an amazing trip and continue to touch people’s lives, but now on a global scale. You’re one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to watching your blog for updates. Have a great time!

  4. Great article Kyle. Travel joyfully. GZ

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