Jun 122010

I left Medford last Monday and headed up to my sister and brother-in-law’s house, staying a night with some good friends in Corvallis along the way. Evacuating the city that night was surprisingly overwhelming: tough goodbyes followed by hours of hectic last-minute packing (I don’t know how I underestimated the workload by so much) and then the four-hour drive north in an unbelievably packed hatchback. I was also a little worried about whether I’d be able to get a decent price for my car after arriving, but I did have a couple of backup options in case I couldn’t.

I survived the drive after giving away a blender that kept sliding forward and hitting me on the back of the head (the gas-station attendant loved it: “Is this a Magic Bullet?!”), and Corvallis was great (thanks, Brian and Stacy). And the morning after I finally made it back to the Portland area, I signed the paperwork to sell my WRX for an honest-to-goodness slight profit — even after buying it new 10 months and 13,000 miles ago. Props to MF for honing my negotiation skills, and to Steve for buffing out those door dings like a champ.

So after several fun days of family time and a couple of semi-crazy nights with PDX friends I hadn’t seen in too long, I’ve got this weekend to iron out the last-minute wrinkles in my backpack and spend some more time with the fam before flying out on Monday night. It’s not quite real yet, but it’s getting close.

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  1. We all wanted to wish you bon voyage. Hope your trip is filled with adventure and leaves you with many, many great memories. We’ll be watching your blog for any updates you have. Love Uncle Bob, Grandma and all rest in California.

  2. Your Mom let me know of your trip and how proud she is of you today. I hope you have the most wonderful
    experience’s you’ve ever dreamed about. I am very proud of you for following your dreams, and for just
    being you. I think you are an amazing person.
    Love to You Always,
    Aunt Michelle

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